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Our Mission

The purpose and mission of the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage is first and foremost to help contribute to the global Thai Massage community. It is our belief that by helping people develop a solid foundation - whether they have no experience or pre-existing experience - they will have a long, healthy, and happy life as Thai Massage practitioners. In this way we promote the practice from the inside out. The coursework engrains proper body mechanics so that students establish good habits early on.


We supplement this with learning a simple all-inclusive flow that helps students to begin getting confidence and understanding of the basic techniques uses in Thai Massage. We look forward to sharing the practice with you!

Wai Kru

What Students Are Saying...

The program is taught with integrity and respect for the lineage, which makes TGSTM trainings top quality. They break down complex concepts to make them accessible to beginners, and their deep experience makes them capable of guiding more advanced students as well. Above all, I’m most grateful for the way they transmit the teaching of loving kindness."

~ Alicia W.

Alicia Waters
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