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Patara Elephant Farm
Sun and Moon Originals
The Naga Center
David Wells
Thai Acupressure
Escuela Nuad Thai
Iron Bird Medicinals
Sityodtong Boston

Triple Gem School of Thai Massage has been supported by and partnered with many organizations in the USA and beyond. We strive to positively bring you authentic Thai Massage and Medicine so you can then bring it into your community. See below the people and organizations we enjoy working with and referring you to:

David Wells Yoga

Escuela Nuad Thai - Argentina

Iron Bird Bodywork

Naga Center - Portland OR

Noam Tyroler School of Thai Acupressure

Patara Elephant Farm - Chiang Mai

Sityodtong Boston

Sun and Moon Originals

Triple Wisdom Preservation


Lots of gratitude of our photographers:

Tamar Melen Photography


Interested in introducing your organization or business to Thai Massage? CONTACT US and let's come up with a plan that works for you!

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