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Do I need to have prior experience to taking the Level 1 course?

No, you do not need to have experience prior to taking the Level 1 course. The course offers a solid foundation in the history of TYM, meditation, chanting, self-care techniques, learning a sequence, and getting started as a practitioner. 

Do I have to take the levels in order?

Levels 1,2,3,4 are taken consecutively and in that order. Some folks will choose to take them as close together as possible while others prefer to take time between each training. Each of these levels is jam-packed with information and practicum so you are welcome to pace yourself as best supports your learning.

I already practice TYM, what courses

should I take?

Different lineages will carry different nuances, techniques, sequences so you may benefit from taking Levels 1-4 even if you are already practicing. If however, you would like to add additional skills to your existing practice, you are welcome to take the ‘Hands-free, TYM for Prenatal, Tok Sen.’ The meditation and philosophy courses are open to all regardless of experience. You are welcome to reach out to go over what you have studied and what your desired studies are so we can best guide you which courses to take next. 


Can I start offering massage right after taking a course?

YES! In fact, you will be given a 10-day massage challenge immediately following each course to encourage you to practice and to solidify the new teachings in a very practical way. With that said, depending on your previous experience and comfort level, you may be offering sessions to friends and family members complimentary or at a discounted price until you build the confidence and skill to charge a full rate for a session. 

What is the refresher course and why should I take it?

Refresher courses are offered to previous graduates of that course, directly have taken it with the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage or New England School of Thai Yoga. Graduates of a course are welcome to re-take the course at a significant discount. As there is so much to learn in each training, some students simply like to take it again to get more of the refinements or if it has been some time since that have taken the course and want to refresh the details.

Is THE TGSTM NCBTMB certified and what does that mean?

NCBTMB ~ The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork has approved some of the Triple Gem courses as Approved Continuing Education Provider (APCE) which allows massage therapists and bodyworkers to acquire continuing education credits per course.


Am I a massage therapist after taking a course with TGSTM?

The TGSTM does not certify or license one to become a massage therapist. Upon completion of each course with full participation and display of skills taught, one will receive a certification of completion. This will state the date, hours, and skill level obtained. This will allow most to practice as a Thai Yoga Practitioner or Bodyworker. In order to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, one will have to have completed at least 600 hours of training from the school. Presently TGSTM is moving towards providing a full curriculum that would allow for such but it is presently only offering certification per course. Please review your local, state, and national guidelines. 

Can I teach TYM after taking a course?

Although you may be super skilled in practicing TYM, teaching this practice is a whole other level of mastery. The short answer, we do not condone anyone teaching TYM after simply taking a course. However, the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage does support an Advanced Apprentice track for those wishing to study to assist in trainings and eventually teach. This is done on a person-by-person basis so please contact us.

More Questions or Concerns?

Contact Us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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