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Frequent visits to Thailand for studies with well-respected Thai masters including TMC, Mama Nit, Mama Lek, Mama Pen, and Mama Nipa, led Jennifer to a thriving private massage practice in the Boston area. Her one-on-one immersion with these respected female practitioners greatly changed her life. In the meantime between trips back and forth to Thailand, she spent a decade as a highly desired massage therapist for professional athletes and elite circles while also furthering her knowledge with comprehensive studies in anatomy. Upon receiving permission from her teachers to share the practice with others, in 2006 Jennifer co-founded the New England School of Thai Yoga. This was the precursor and parent to the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage.


In addition to Thai Massage, Jennifer's journey has been enhanced through extensive training in yoga. In 2008, Jennifer became the owner and director of Frog Lotus Yoga Studio. She was one of the founding team with Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein for Acroyoga, traveling the world with them and introducing the community to the practice and profundity of Thai Massage. Moreover she has taught both yoga and Thai Massage at Omega, Kripalu, Yoga Journal Conferences, and the Wanderlust Festivals. Under Frog Lotus Yoga Jennifer has lead thousands of students in residential 2-4 week Yoga Teacher Trainings internationally including 200 hour, 300 hour, & 1000 hour trainings in Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga. Her focus on alignment-based yoga-therapy-informed āsana is cohesively intermingled with her experience and knowledge of Thai Massage and it's vast therapeutic applications. She has also been adjunct faculty for several other trainings and helps studios, businesses, and colleges/universities design their programs. 


Jennifer combines these passions as a teacher to the teachers. One of her pillars is 'longevity'. She is passionate about sharing impactful skills that support the individuals' practice, and takes great joy when those tools ripple out into the community as people share them. For more information on Jennifer and her offerings visit




Ven. Pasura Dantamano became a fully ordained bhikkhu of the Thai Theravāda tradition in 2006. After arduous studies and formal monastic training, he quickly was given positions of importance to his headquarter temple. He currently resides in Denmark and acts as the principal teaching monk of the World Peace Initiative, the Head Advisor to the International Relations Division at the Dhammakāya Foundation, and is the Vice President of the World Buddhist Sangha Youth. Constantly traveling around the globe, Ven. Pasura is sought out to lead meditation workshop & retreats, give Dharma lectures, organize very large scale religious events & ceremonies, and for his skill in hospitality especially receiving VIP guests. Venerable Dantamano reached the distinguished Thera monastic title and due to his profound capability in language was hand selected by his Teachers to be lead translator for his temple and head English PR communications contact. He is a lifetime admirer and receiver of traditional Buddhist-based medicine and assists TGSTM with directional guidance, leads meditation and Dharmic retreats and workshops, and lectures on Thai culture, history, and language. 




Joshua first went to Thailand in 2003 while he was completing a Culinary Arts degree from the Culinary Institute of America. Intrigued with the monastic lifestyle and cultural initiations of Thailand, he became a fully ordained bhikkhu in the Theravādan tradition in 2007. As a monastic, Joshua was submersed in Thai culture, language, society, lifestyle, and the BuddhaDharma. He became fluent enough in the Thai language that he often acted as a translator. During this time he developed a profound appreciation and interest in Buddhist based medicine, which saved his life on many occasions. Leaving the robes in 2010, he went on to become a part of TGSTM during its founding in 2011. 

He has received bodywork training from the Wat Po School of Thai Traditional Medicine, Triple Gem School of Thai Massage, Noam Tyroler's School of Thai Acupressure for Orthopedic Disorders, the Naga Center, and BodyMind Thai. A 200hr certified yoga instructor from Frog Lotus Yoga, Josh furthered his studies of Reusi Dat Ton with living Reusi in Thailand and with David Wells. 

He assists TGSTM predominately behind-the-scenes, but also acts as a lecturer, researcher, Thai language consultant, Thailand tour guide, and general Thailand middleman. Due to his unique life history, he offers his audience an array of perspectives into the history, practice, and applications of Buddhist medicine based Thai Massage. For more information please visit:

Makaius on the other hand, is just plain trouble.



Ayla is the beloved, infamous mascot and background white noise machine of TGSTM. She has been to numerous trainings, and often acts as guinea batpig for new students to practice on. She is a full-blooded French Bulldog from the Bay area of San Fransisco and really enjoys the atmosphere created by good Thai Massage. Her goal is endeavoring to positively contribute to that atmosphere. 

Do not fret if you are not a dog lover. Sadly, she is not at every training. 

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Noam has held workshops and trainings throughout the world including the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Noam is the author of the highly acclaimed, incredibly in-depth, and widely respected textbook: Thai Acupressure for Orthopedic Disorders. His style is direct and very professional yet with the classic Thai "sabai-sabi'-ness, informative yet accessible, and from decades of medical experience; he is a gem in the Thai Massage world. Please visit his website:



Nephyr is considered one of the foremost instructors and practitioners of Thai Medicine in United States, and her school The Naga Center is one of the most respected Thai Massage Schools outside of Thailand. For more information on Nephyr and the Naga Center, please visit:


Reusi Dat Ton
Traditional Thai Yoga

David Wells, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, YACEP, works as a Yoga Therapist for a Integrated Pain Management Clinic in Watertown, NY helping people to manage and reduce their chronic pain naturally. He has been an ardent student under many renowned masters in Reusi Dat Ton for decade and has authored a book on the subject: "Self Massage and Joint Mobilization of Traditional Thai Yoga". 

Please visit his website:

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